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Goodbye Triple X

George Mason Basketball: Goodbye Triple X

Monday, June 04, 2007

Goodbye Triple X

Wow it sure was fun to have an ESPN radio station cover all of Mason's games last season but it looks like we have already been dropped. Last week Triple X ESPN radio announced that they had struck a partnership with Virginia Tech to cover their football and basketball games. At first it was thought that this wasn't necessarily the end of the their relationship with the Patriots; until reading Dave Preston's blog. In this blog entry, Preston (an anchor for the station) writes about the new partnership and in the comment section a fan asks if this means the end of Triple X covering Mason games. Preston's response is:
Regretfully yes, after an exciting season of GMU basketball we have decided to make the change to VT Football and Basketball. We only wish we could carry both basketball programs. We will continue to carry the latest info on Patriots basketball in our DC SPortsCenters so keep turnin' us on!
I don't understand why they still can't carry Mason games considering the two teams are in different conferences and don't usually play on the same nights. This is a DC and Northern Virginia based radio station and they give up on the Patriots already? I know there is a lot VA Tech alum in this area but they have not had the most stellar of athletic season recently to merit full time coverage in this area. It basically comes down to the point that the Hokies have football and Mason doesn't. It's a big loss in terms of local coverage and promotion for the Patriots if they are not picked up by a decent local station (possibly WJFK-106.7 ).


Blogger Andrew said...

boooooo I am very unhappy by this decision. Everyone knows the hokies are going to suck next season, and no one is going to want to listen to them. Whereas Mason is on track for another final four season! ESPN is going to miss out on a lot of ratings...

11:27 AM  

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