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Monday Bracket

George Mason Basketball: Monday Bracket

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Bracket

My bracket took a couple of blows this weekend but I still have 7 of Elite Eight teams and all my Final Four teams in place. Southern Illinois is my dark horse for the Final Four which I am betting most people don't have in their brackets. And of course the media can't help but mention George Mason when they are describing this team; which should almost be an insult to them considering they were ranked almost the entire season and are a #4 seed. I should have bet against Texas and Kevin Durant, who is probably too distracted by the NBA dollar signs. I knew I was really taking a gamble having Michigan State beating UNC but Hansbrough is not the same player we saw last year at this time and was truly the difference. Butler is a team that I regret not having going farther in my bracket, this just gives me another reason to hate ODU. I can't see them beating Florida in the next round even if they get another stellar game from A.J. Graves.


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