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Duke Who?

George Mason Basketball: Duke Who?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Duke Who?

Yesterday wasn't the greatest of days for me and my bracket. I thought I would be able to watch live streams from march madness on demand on my computer at work but unlike last year the site had some problems. The video would freeze up every 5 seconds! And on top of that there was only one upset the whole day; VCU handing Duke a first round loss that hasn't happened to them since 1996. UNC fans had to have celebrated this VCU victory last night in some fashion. UNC fans will especially appreciate this youtube of Paulus flopping during a VCU fast break. I did say yesterday that the only way Duke would win was if McRoberts had a big game; he did and the Dukies still went down. The difference was simply Eric Maynor, who showed that his clutch performance against Mason in the CAA finals was just the beginning. What is not to be forgotten is the Rams trapping defense that they used all season to frustrate CAA teams, it was certainly a treat to see it in action causing turnovers against the Blue Devils.

It will be interesting to see if this tactic will work against a team like Pitt, who they will face next on Saturday. Pitt runs its offense through a 7-foot 270-pound monster in the middle named Aaron Gray. The guy probably could have been a lottery pick in last years NBA draft but decided to stay in school. Gray will give the Rams trouble considering they don't have a true center and a usual rotation of four guards and Will Fameni (6'7" and often in foul trouble). Michael Anderson used some hard fouls to frustrate McRoberts last night and he will definitely use all five of them tomorrow against Gray. VCU will have to play rough again to come out victorious this time.

Now for some George Mason news. It seems Gunston is still getting some press these days as he was ranked 13th worst mascot in NCAA division I. By my calculation I think that makes him the 315th best mascot in the nation. Mason doesn't seem like they are making any efforts to replace Gunston with something remotely resembling a mascot. The Mason Gazette boasts about how much last years success has changed the school for the better, yet a cheap sesame street wannabe character mascot still is not in need of an upgrade.


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