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Underdogs Once Again

George Mason Basketball: Underdogs Once Again

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Underdogs Once Again

George Mason basketball won't have to worry about too much pressure being mounted on them anymore this year as they enter the weekend possibly playing their last games of the season. Mason is a long shot to enter to win the CAA tournament as a #6 seed and the media is jumping at the chance to call us the little school that could, back to being the underdogs again. It has bothered a lot of Mason fans including myself that our school has been ragged on all season because we did not have the stellar season these so-called experts were expecting even with the loss of three star seniors and added presure and exposure none of team was ready for. Wheres the criticism towards LSU, they were also in the Final Four last year and they are most likely going to miss the NCAA tournament too. Being from the #2 RPI conference in the league they definitely had an easier route in terms of scheduling and such while still returning a lot of key players from last years squad. But no lets pick on the mid-major, the team that has about half the resources as major schools and has to go on the road if it actually wants to play a quality non-conference schedule. Local major conference teams such as Maryland, GW and Georgetown you'd think would at least occasionally make a trip to the Patriot Center to get a solid road non-conference game, but they refuse. They figure they have nothing to gain and only a chance of being embarrassed. Major conference teams hold all the cards and a perfect example of this is Duke. They started off the season with 11 straight home games, 13 out of their 14 non-conference games were at home. What would Mason's record be right now if we had that many home games? I'm not saying Mason would be 25-4, but its something to think about it. This guy from Yahoo! sports gets it, why don't others?


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