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Where are they now?

George Mason Basketball: Where are they now?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where are they now?

Jai Lewis, Tony Skinn, and Lamar Butler were local heroes that carried Mason all season last year. One year after the cinderella story, where are they now? Yahoo sports ran an article last week detailing the journeys each one of them have taken into foreign countries to keep living the dream of playing professional basketball. Most of us know that Jai Lewis had his little stint with the New York Giants while Lamar and Tony got try-outs with the Wizards, but what happened after that?

The truth is the road to playing basketball for a living after their years at Mason has been tough. Each has ended up in a foreign country they would rather not be in but at the same time they get paid to play the sport they love. The article is a must read for any fan.


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