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George Mason takes down UVA

George Mason Basketball: George Mason takes down UVA

Saturday, November 10, 2012

George Mason takes down UVA

Bryon Allen came up big with a clutch three-pointer with just under a minute left to give Mason a 60-57 lead. He then hit free-throws in the closing seconds to put the game away for the Patriots. UVA's Joe Harris had previously hit a few big shots despite Mason players being all over him. In the end Mason's pressure defense was the difference and allowed them to win the turnover battle.

-Overall the Patriots had a great night shooting the ball, just not from the free-throw line. They were not many ill-advised shots and Johnny Williams was very efficient. 

-Sherrod Wright had a big game but was uncharacteristically bad from the free-throw line. As a team the Patriots were 8-for-19 from the line and actually shot better on three-pointers. 

-Marko Gujanicic didn't look like a freshman and did a great job on the boards in the absence of Erik Copes. He wasn't afraid to let it ride from behind the arch and looked comfortable all over the court.  

-Bryon Allen was looking more like a floor general then ever and helped Mason push the pace against the Cavaliers. I thought he looked a more comfortable than he did last season and looks improved on the defensive end. 

-Vertrail Vaughns struggled all night and went scoreless. You have to wonder if this continues what kind of role he will have off the bench once Vaughn Gray returns.

[Photo by John Powell]



Anonymous Collin Agee said...

Check your graph.  Virginia shot 60% from the line.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Doug Economou said...

I was expecting a better show from Mason at home. Regardless, it's a win against an ACC team and I'm happy to take it!


12:16 PM  
Anonymous Matt K. said...

 What type of better showing could there be? The turnovers were down, the shooting percentages were up, and the defense looked great.  Overall I think the players looked a LOT more comfortable running Hewitt's system on offense and defense.  The pressuring did not look out of sync like last year as players were able to get back and it did not seem like they gave up easy baskets off broken traps. 

The steal towards the end off a press and free throw rebound were huge at the end of the game. 

1:17 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

It's not FT shooting percent. It's free-throw rate, meaning how often you get to the line.

This article explains the graph and what it means.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous James Hubbard said...

The organization and discipline displayed by GMU was heartening. Many fewer silly errors than in most games last year. Over the course of the game, the team adjusted well to UVA's tactics, something that did not always happen last year.
Hewitt had the team well prepared for UVA. Applying pressure in the back court did not noticeably speed up the game, but it did make UVA work much harder and decreased the time they had to run their half court sets.
Still work to do. Defensive rebounding was not a strength. 
Playing time will be an issue throughout the season. Based on this one performance, Holloway and Alredge should be worried about their minutes. Vaughans can't assume much either, but he is the best outside shooter and perhaps the best defensive guard on the roster. Should we assume that Jenkins will red shirt?

7:33 PM  
Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

I agree.  They played hard and came out with a quality win.  They dicatated the tempo by pressing all game on defense and pushig the ball up quickly all game on offense.  They started out giving up some rebounds and then adjusted quickly.  Other than free throws, until clutch time, what's not to like?

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Daniel Conte said...

Okoloji will be an impact player.  Doesn't light up the stats, but he seemed to be around the ball all the time.

11:20 PM  

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