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Erik Copes and Vaughn Gray suspended for 3 games

George Mason Basketball: Erik Copes and Vaughn Gray suspended for 3 games

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Erik Copes and Vaughn Gray suspended for 3 games

The Patriots are already entering the start of the season with starting point guard Bryon Allen not 100% and today we find out sophomores Erik Copes and Vaughn Gray are suspended for three games:
George Mason men’s basketball sophomores Erik Copes and Vaughn Gray have been suspended for the Patriots first three regular-season games for student-athlete conduct violations. The suspension includes the home-opener against Virginia on November 9, at Bucknell (Nov. 13) and against Mercer (Nov. 16) in the opening game of the Paradise Jam.
While this team has good depth, this is still a huge blow. Especially when you consider what beating Mercer in the Paradise Jam tournament could do for the team's resume.

The loss of Copes essentially eliminates the team's advantage they had in the front court over these opponents, especially on the defensive end. Bucknell has one of the better centers in the country in Mike Muscala, so that game could be interesting now. Gray is an important wing shooter on a team that doesn't have great three-point shooting in general. Also this team will be trying to form a new identity from last year's squad and this just threw a monkey wrench into things.

Let's hope Marko is the real deal.

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Anonymous MasonAlum24 said...

Its always something with this team it seems like. Rather than health issues (besides Allen) now we seem to suspend a player or two every month...glad to see there is action being taken - but the team itself needs to "nut up" and accept the responsibility of being a D1 "student" athlete. Glad the season tickets were already purchased, because if not I would not put up with this circus act of an athletic department and waste my money on a team/program that seems happy just to do status quo (or less)...

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Steve-O said...

I have a terrible feeling Friday's going to be a looong night now. It really is just outright sad that these kids can't figure out how to act like the top-flight  basketball team they are striving to become.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

Hopefully this isn't a redo of pillow gate.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Laura Libby May said...

OK, it's a suspension, and it stinks, but since it's a Mason Suspension, not NCAA, that mean that Coach Hewitt is drawing his line in the sand.  It's the way to get the team to where we all want them to be.  Let's hope that a glitch early in the season smooths the way for the rest of the year. 

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Disher Powers said...

I agree - glad to see action being taken.  Too many coaches ignore the violations they clearly know about in high school, college and pro sports.  Since it rarely catches up with them, they would rather ensure the win and the ego of the big names than do what is right.  I am pleased my alma mater has chosen to do what is right and suspend players for improper conduct.

7:57 PM  

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