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The viewing options for the CAA tournament are still pretty terrible

George Mason Basketball: The viewing options for the CAA tournament are still pretty terrible

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The viewing options for the CAA tournament are still pretty terrible

Despite the CAA growing a lot in recent years and now being recognized by most as a top 10 basketball conference in NCAA, their viewing options for this weekend's conference tournament remain pretty awful.  I feel bad for Mason fans that are not local because your options are slim to continue watching what has become the Patriots' most successful season ever. If the Mason makes it to the conference finals on Monday night, at least that will be on ESPN in glorious HD. 

However for the rest of this weekend's games some of you might need to head to watch party at a local bar in order to watch the game. Here are the viewing options posted on the website:
"The Comcast Network/WSKY/GMU-TV/CAA-TV"
Now you might see Comcast Network and get excited. But hold on a second because it's not the same Comcast you are thinking of where you have watched George Mason games earlier this year along with the  Capitals and Wizards.  The channel you are thinking of won't be broadcasting this game. The Comcast network they are talking about is actually TSN channel based in Philadelphia or some sort of CSN affiliate. I think some satellite subscribers might have that but I don't think I do on my Cox service.

Next you see "GMU-TV", which is a channel some people get as you can see from their website, but I'm really curious to see what the quality would look like on that channel.  Direct TV customers sure won't have this channel

You can pay a fee to watch the online stream that provides but I can tell you from experience it lags and the quality is awful.

However despite all this ESPN comes to the rescue in the end, for some at least. It looks like will be streaming the games too, which a few more of us have access to with FiOS and Cox cable. If you have Xbox Live hooked up the streaming through there has been pretty good in my experiences. No buffering and a very clear picture.  

I know TV deals are tough to come by for conferences like the CAA but come on now it's 2011 and there are advancements in technology. Would it kill the CAA to up their game on the video streaming and provide free streams to fans for at least the quarter and semifinal games?

At least all the NCAA tournament games can streamed to our iPhones and iPads for free...



Anonymous Matt Cerilli said...

Anybody who lives in the Hampton Roads area and has Cox then Channel 4 should have all of the games.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous c hirsch said...

Definitely pathetic as a conference how bad our TV deal is for the Conference Tournament. If we want the conference to continue to grow in profile and stature, we need to get a far better TV deal.

Didn't they used to show the Tournament on Comcast SportsNet? Really makes no sense to me that they show so many regular season games, then nothing of the Tournament.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Will Hancock said...

They are killing the following we have been growing here in Louisville, KY. Brickhouse Tavern her in Louisville has been great on showing the team playing a various networks not usually shown in Kentucky. I love going out and supporting the team and my brother, Luke. All I can say is go MASON.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Patotobin said...

What do all of these players have in common?


We could have another great storyline going if we start all these guys at once on Sat, even if it's only for the jump ball. Winning is obviously not enough. It could be an attention grabbing stunt. Yes, i agreee, not very classy... but i think effective.

How many teams in D.1 basketball, or anywhere for that matter, can say they've started five left handers in a conference tournament game? Maybe a little desperate, but hey... ESPN would cover it, they love this kinda thing. If they won't cover our games, we'll give'm viral video's, ryan pearson's leg being run over, the team not getting their hair-cuts, and yes... now the left handed thing.

One more thing, MASN... on Sat. during the 12-2 slot, they're showing big east women's basketball. Pass me the tissues, will ya?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous c hirsch said...

ESPNU wouldn't even cover that left hand thing.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Speaking as someone who doesn't have cable, ESPN-3 has been a pretty fantastic asset for watching college basketball all season. They stream LOTS of games (though not CAA normally), and good quality usually. I just plug my laptop into the TV using an HDMI cable and I'm all set - can even jump around between games. I'm psyched they'll be streaming what looks to be just about every CAA tourney game after the first round (so we don't miss any Mason ball anyway).

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Nice! Your bro's a straight baller dude.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Matt Cerilli said...

I don't care how good HD looks...the best thing to do is spend the weekend down in Richmond and support this team!

8:48 PM  
Anonymous WILL HANCOCK said...

I have got to agree with Matt. Watch for the Hancocks in the stands. Since my last post the numbers in Richmond are growing. Again, GO MASON

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Patotobin said...

In an age of the 24 hour sports news cycle, if you haven't seen before, it's...

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Mason87 said...

If you can't get to Richmond today, it looks like it is available in most counties around DC (not Fairfax though). I am in Carroll County, MD and I think is on channel 8.

9:43 AM  

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