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How George Mason made out at the CAA awards banquet last night

George Mason Basketball: How George Mason made out at the CAA awards banquet last night

Friday, March 04, 2011

How George Mason made out at the CAA awards banquet last night

Here is a list of all the winners from the CAA awards banquet that was held last night in Richmond:

All-CAA 1st Team

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern

Denzel Bowles, James Madison

Frank Hassell, Old Dominion

Charles Jenkins, Hofstra

Cam Long, George Mason

All-CAA 2nd Team

Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

Samme Givens, Drexel

Ryan Pearson, George Mason

Jamie Skeen, VCU

Chad Tomko, UNC Wilmington

All-CAA 3rd Team

Jawan Carter, Delaware

Chris Fouch, Drexel

Luke Hancock, George Mason

Quinn McDowell, William & Mary

Joey Rodriguez, VCU

2011 CAA Player of the Year – Charles Jenkins, Hofstra

2011 CAA Coach of the Year – Jim Larranaga, George Mason (this is his 2nd time winning this award, last time was 1999)

2011 CAA Rookie of the Year – Devon Saddler, Delaware

2011 CAA Defensive Player of the Year – Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

A lot of Mason fans think Andre Cornelius got snubbed by not even being in the top 8 for voting for the All-Defensive team. It's a bit of a shock considering the Patriots are one of the best defensive teams in the CAA but let's remember how much of that success is based on a total team effort.  ODU's Kent Bazemore won defensive player of the year, probably because media members saw his steals per game statistic. It's all subjective especially when it comes to who is among the leagues best defenders and unless the voters watch every game closely it's very hard to choose.

Also an argument can made for Ryan Pearson on the 1st team and if he played the whole season like he played in February he would have been in discussion for player of the year as well.

Depsite a good night for the green and gold at the banquet, there is still a few other pieces of hardware I'm sure they are more interested in.

[Photo via GoMason]



Anonymous Kdenton1 said...

Nice job to all who were selected. AC should have gotten some D love. We've seen some upsets in the top 25 since the last polls and conference tourneys are underway. BYU lost a key player and things are starting to get even more exciting. Having a great team in March is an awesome feeling!!! GO MASON!!!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Reggie said...

I don't think AC got snubbed. He came on late and has played great but way inconsistent before that. And he's still not a shut down defender. Cam, actually has played great D. I think the picks were right on. Congrats to all.

10:14 AM  

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