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George Mason takes down William & Mary for 7th straight win

George Mason Basketball: George Mason takes down William & Mary for 7th straight win

Sunday, January 30, 2011

George Mason takes down William & Mary for 7th straight win

The Patriots strong play in the CAA continued with a 85-69 win yesterday over William & Mary.  They now have moved into sole possession of 2nd place in the conference with this being their 7th straight victory.  They shot 53.6% from the field and 86.4% from the free-throw line which continues to improve.  The Patriots look like they are firing on all cylinders lately and continue to tear apart the bottom of the CAA rankings. They have some tough test coming up this week against Hofstra and ODU at home.  Mason's big three got it done again including this in-bounds-off-the-back-of-a-defender-dunk from Luke Hancock as he uses his "sneaky athleticism":

Now that was sneaky!

The only thing I think this team is currently lacking is consistent production from the bench.  Even during their current run of blow outs there have been very few contributions from the reserve players outside of Isaiah Tate.  We still don't know who is the team's best reserve forward at this point.  Jonathan Arledge looked like he was being groomed to play that role but we haven't seen much of him lately. Meanwhile Paris Bennett and Johnny Williams continue to give uneven production.  In the end it is probably not that big of an issue because it's hard to agrue with the team's results. However at this point we are all thinking big picture and wanting to see this team do well in the CAA tournament and the post season and you have to wonder if they can do that with just a six-man rotation.

Some highlights from the game:

Remember the Bracketbuster pairings are announced tomorrow, take a look at my updated chart from last week to see possible match-ups.



Anonymous WilliamA said...

Déjà vu:

11:13 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Great find, I remember that move by Scottie!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous whatnot said...

I worry more about the 1, in that they don't have a reliable 1. I'm thinkin move JW or Mike Mo up high for ball help and let Pearson work low, where he has been very good lately. If JW can get more quality minutes when Mo inevitably gets in trouble, then this will help immensely. And the (DA) deceptively athletic Lukie can swing low and do his thing. I have serious concerns about turnovers against pressure and a decent high post will help. Pats need to attack against pressure and in the half court when pressed on the perimeter, don't settle for 3 attempts. Drive and kick and/or attack the rim. If not they'll get back on their heels and turn it over. The next 3 are not Towson, Towson, Towson.

10:25 AM  

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