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Lights out three point shooting helps Mason roll past Radford

George Mason Basketball: Lights out three point shooting helps Mason roll past Radford

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lights out three point shooting helps Mason roll past Radford

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Last night was exactly the kind of weaker opponent George Mason needed to fine tune their offense and defense last night.  Mason went 13-of-26 from behind the three point line to coast past Radford for their third win of the season.  Although the offense might be the highlight reel material from last night, the Patritots defense cannot go unmentioned.  They got a lot of opportunities because their defense constantly put pressure on the ball all night when it was in the Highlanders' hands. Although Radford was a team these Patriots are expected to beat this year, you can't help but notice the patience and focus of the team who hard a strong bounce back after a disappointing last two games in the Charleston Classic. Hopefully this game shows the Patriots what they capable of when they play strong on both ends of the court.  Because honestly scoring hasn't been the problem in their losses this season but playing a complete game for 40 minutes has been.

It was definitely a padding of the stats kind of game. They finished the game three long-range jumpers shy of tying the school record of 16 set in 1994 against Troy State.  Andre Cornelius reminded us how he shot over 43% from the three point line last season with a 5-of-6 shooting night from their there.  Cam Long stepped up shooting 4-of-6 on his way to his first 20 points performance of the season. While those two were providing the scoring Luke Hancock was setting them up dishing out 10 assists and grabbing 8 rebounds.  This was the first game of the season where Johnny Williams got more playing time then Jonathan Arledge and Paris Bennett.  Ryan Pearson played 18 minutes and had 13 points before spraining his ankle midway through the 2nd half.  

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Blogger mooky_l3d said...

It never fails when Mason has the assists they win. Last night and the game against Charlotte the rolled up the assist, along with that came strong rebounding and defense. I scratch my head everytime they go away from team play. Nice win, I wish they had put more up on Radford to revenge that loss last year. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Go Mason.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mason played as a team. It's amazing what can happen when (you) look for the open man and make the extra pass, play defense, help your teammates,and focus on something else besides points. No matter what the level of competition, this game proved that this team can play selfless basketball for almost 40 minutes. Keep it up MASON this Really could be a GOOD YEAR!!

3:14 PM  
Blogger What Not said...

All very bad ass against the Radfords and Harvards. Let's see them assert themselves that way offensively with a VCU guy in their face.
I understand that it's probably a logistical nightmare to schedule home games against major non conference teams, but these games are not doing this team any good. I'd rather see them get their asses handed to them by a top 50 team. It will make them battle hardened. I don't want to hear about these weak opponents being confidence boosting etc. It bears no relation to what they'll see in much of conference play. William and Mary almost beat Syracuse and VCU played Tennessee tough. We hang tough with NC State then come apart against a team that went on to lose to AIR FORCE, despite being heavily favored.
This team likes to pump and preen when routing Radford, a team DeMatha High School would beat, but they fold like a lawn chair when pressured by teams of equal talent. And no mistake- this team has "talent". They just have no leadership on the floor and they don't believe themselves worthy of beating top teams- when they can if they simply stay tough and relentless and take some time on offense. If they don't score in transition, they got nothing. Unless they're playing Bowie State.
I won't throw Coach L under the bus. The guy is an excellent coach. But until he commits to one floor general (with high post help maybe) we better be able to win with defense.
Commit to Allen at point and let AC bring his spark off the bench.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very disturbing to me that VCU and ODU seem so strong out of the gate. And I have to say VCU has been strong for the last 5 years while Mason seems to trying to find its stride. And that's curios to me considering how little appeal VCU has as a school and how much GMU had to work with after their Final Four run. VCU is running head to head with top 25 teams and ODU nearly beat Georgetown. WOuld be nice to see one strong year since the Final Four run.

9:17 PM  

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