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Game Day Links: George Mason vs Wofford: Charleston Classic Third Place Game

George Mason Basketball: Game Day Links: George Mason vs Wofford: Charleston Classic Third Place Game

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Day Links: George Mason vs Wofford: Charleston Classic Third Place Game

Game Time: 5:30 pm



Spread: Wofford by 1

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What do we want to see out of Mason tonight? After a disappointing 2nd half effort on Friday, I'd like to see the Patriots get back to that whole tenacious defense and balance on offense. It's an important to see how this year's team bounces back overall from a loss. They lost their focus in the 2nd half when they fell behind and too many guys tried to make things happen in one-on-one situations on offense.  Distributing the ball and finding better opportunities is something I'd also like to see and overall just better shot selections. The assist to turnover ratio has been good thus far even despite Friday's loss and I'd like to see another 15+ assist night for the team. Luke Hancock has been a great scorer so far this season but he needs to be dishing out more dimes as defenses begin to key in on him.  He tried to do too much against NC State and looked a little too much like Cam Long of last season. It would also be nice to see a game this season where Mike Morrison and Ryan Pearson aren't in early foul trouble and miss most of the 1st half. Wofford hasn't been a great rebounding team so far this year so the Patriots should have the edge there.  They have also been getting to the free throw more than Mason so hopefully they will be more disciplined in that area.  Not that I want to see some sort of blow out victory from Mason, just a more focused team following the game plan and not veering away from what works for them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure how you could possibly compare Luke to Cam. Luke JUST wants to score. Cam HAD to try and do it all last year because everyone else wanted to score(remember?). I don't know if you took notice last season, most of Luke's assists were the result of set plays. Hopefully, this is the last we will hear about SHARING THE BALL. These guys have short memories just like you, Ryan.

4:39 PM  
Blogger What Not said...

More Arledge and Allen as the season goes on. Pats playing well overall, beating who they should beat but the issue per usual is at point guard. Why not throw Allen out there and let Corny hoist them up from the wing. He's not a point.

Arledge is a better fundamental basketball player than Mike Mo and his increasing minutes and effectiveness are evidence of that. Let Mo bring his size and considerable passion and intensity from off the bench. Will be very tough for other teams to handle. Let Arledge continue to develop now.

Cam and Hancock are playing well. Spell Pearson with J Dub a lot more.

I'm not seeing where Pearson and Mo have really improved over last year, but I do like the overall intensity and defensive effort thus far.

8:05 PM  

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