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NY Daily News article on Corey Edwards

George Mason Basketball: NY Daily News article on Corey Edwards

Monday, October 18, 2010

NY Daily News article on Corey Edwards

Mark Lelinwalla of the NY Daily News has an article today on Corey Edwards and his commitment to George Mason. In the article Lelinwalla states that Edwards is widely known as the "best pure point guard in the city" and that the only reason he fell off some of the bigger schools recruiting radars is because of his dislocated foot which happened during a freak accident at a practice last March. This coupled with a shoulder injury his freshman year might have scared off some but not Coach Larranaga:
"I definitely think schools were saying that I was damaged goods or injury prone, but George Mason was there no matter what, since my freshman year," said Edwards, who chose the Colonial Athletic Association program over Fordham, Hofstra, St. John's and UNLV. "They've always stuck around," Edwards added. "(Coach Jim) Larranaga said, ‘You could have a concussion right now and I'll offer you"
Larranaga and his staff's loyalty might really pay off in this one as Edwards was definitely impressed by the team's commitment to him throughout his high school career. It's also very reassuring to see that Larranaga that with this pickup, is starting to develop a "New York City pipeline":
"Their coaches have been there a long time and are consistent with what they try to do, like we are," Arbitello (Edwards HS coach) said. "They have a New York City pipeline with Christ the King, Mount Vernon and St. Patrick."
The injuries to Edwards scare me a bit, as we have seen how often they can happen at the college level (i.e. Paris Bennett, Vertrail Vaughns, and Sherrod Wright) you hate to see a guy come in who might have durability issues but from what I'm reading it's a risk that is worth taking for Larranaga and his staff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on landing Corey Edwards, a proven "winner". Corey was one of the stars of Shock Exchange Comes to Harlem 2009 >>

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