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Game Day Links: George Mason at Drexel

George Mason Basketball: Game Day Links: George Mason at Drexel

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Game Day Links: George Mason at Drexel

Video Streams: ($4.95) heard it's good quality

Also willing to bet this winds up on so keep checking there as it gets closer to game time.

Line: George Mason 6-point underdog

Game Notes

Statistical Breakdown

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Radio Link 570 AM

Looks like after some rumors of a postponement or cancellation this George Mason-Drexel game is gonna happen as scheduled. Lucky for the Patriots that this is not being delayed a day because they have travel back home through the blizzard to prepare for VCU on Tuesday night. By the looks of this storm now who knows if that game will go as scheduled. Be that as it may the Patriots could really make things easier for themselves by pulling off this win today. Hopefully the DAC won't be packed today because of the storm and this won't feel like a true road. ODU and Northeastern are also on the road today so this could a chance for Mason to separate themselves from the pack in the standings. This will be another tough road challenge for the Patriots and if Cam Long has another game like he did at Georgia State I don't see them coming out of Philly with a win.

Drexel is a much better rebounding team so Mason will have to rely on good outside shooting and getting to the free throw line. This won't be easy for Mason if Drexel has the kind of night they did against Towson on Tuesday where they handed the Tigers one of their worst losses in school history. Drexel freshmen Chris Fouch had 28 in that one with 6-for-7 shooting from three-point territory. The Dragons have a balanced attack on offense like the Patriots and also have a deep bench. It's a shame Rashad Whack is hurt because he would have been needed in this one off the bench. The key for the Patriots is to get Ryan Pearson going early and not resort to jacking up early three-pointers because they won't be able to recover if they start out shooting flat again. I wouldn't mind more of Johnny Williams and Louis Birdsong in the front cout early as well to try to get the inside game going. It's great when the Patriots have a great day from three-point land but I don't think they can rely on that today against this Dragons team.



Blogger Brian O said...

Radio link ain't workin'. Any ideas? Is it me or them?
Thanks for a great write up!

5:13 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

The radio's website sucks, I can't get it to work either

5:23 PM  
Blogger mooky_l3d said...

Those kats must have been stuck in the snow. I don't like the last two games it is like they are going backwards. They are playing like they did in the first losing streaks.

Cam didn't show up against GSU and then he can't hit a free throw. Of course neither could the rest of the team. Ryan you need to learn that you are not a three point option. When there was about 4 min left and we were down by 5 or 6 you had a chance to float to the open space and take a layup or short j after setting a pick and you decided to stay at the 3 point line. You missed of course. Take what the defense gives you a 5ft j or a 3 pointer for you is not an option. Get a clue.

Mason needs to really buckle down on the perimeter D. They might be on a 7 game losing streak when the CAA games come along if they don't get out of this funk. They are doing fundemental mistakes. Go back to basics and build on those. They are a better team than what they have been showing.

11:24 PM  
Blogger greenandgold said...

I love how Mooky always shows up to criticize 1 or 2 players and not the entire team; but never commends those players when responsible for Mason's success. The team lost by 4 points at GSU and 13 at Drexel. Pershaps the other 7 or 8 players should have shown up as well. Cam missed 2 free throws(66% and shot 40% from the field ) what about the other guys on that team? Tate 0% Pearson 40% Cornelius 25% Morrison 50% Mooky you really should stop pointing the finger at one or two individuals oddly enough it's almost always Cam-this is not an individual sport like tennis! The reason they lost these games is the games were played at a snails pace everything was obvious and deliberate. Inside/outside just doesn't work for this team-it slows the pace. These guys are way too athletic to be forced into playing slow ball.

8:56 PM  

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