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Patriots finish road trip still atop the CAA

George Mason Basketball: Patriots finish road trip still atop the CAA

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Patriots finish road trip still atop the CAA

For all the ups and downs this season it would appear this team is finally playing to their full potential we all thought was possible. In yesterday's late rally to secure an 80-71 victory over Towson, we saw the veterans step up again. Cam Long fueled a 15-5 run in the last three minutes to close out the game with Isaiah Tate also having a huge put back. Tate proved why he was still in the game late, his veteran leadership has been showing as of late. All starters for Mason finished in double figures, including a double-double for Mike Morrison. The Patriots end their three-game road trip on a five game winning streak and currently sharing 1st place in the CAA with Northeastern and ODU. After yesterday's win, the Patriots are 16-0 against the Tigers since they joined the CAA. As a whole this team just looks more confident and poised on the road, a lot of that is coming from Cam Long but even the freshmen have cut down on the mistakes. Isaiah Tate and Andre Cornelius have really been key elements to Patriots current winning streak between Andre knocking down threes and driving the lane and Tate's covering on defense. This team is going to continue to be dangerous if Long, Cornelius, and Tate continue to play consistently at this level.

-Mason actually out-rebounded a CAA opponent (45-39)

-Luke Hancock was held scoreless for the first time this season

-Mike Morrison continues to struggle from the FT line (1-for-5). Am I the only one surprised team's don't start fouling him late in close games?

-Mason again struggled to maintain an inside presence. They relied on outside shooting to overcome the Tiger's zone defense

Below is a chart from and it highlights the "Four Factors to Winning at Basketball". If you have never heard of this statistical breakdown before read more about what they mean here

NCAA Basketball Stats



Blogger Brent said...

So like I mentioned from my most recent post Isiah Tate has been HUGE. He is maybe our best defender and he has hit some critical shots the last few games when things got tight. Crazy how last year our 3 point shooting was atrocious and this year we have the league's leader in Cornelius, Cam who has very consistent last year, Pearson who actually has been knocking some down, and now Tate! I love it.

On offense we are beginning to become dominate. Anyone else LOVE the connection Hancock and Morrison have on the alley-oops? Hancock must have been a pitcher or something cause he has got a great pass and many of them have been from outside the arc!

My biggest concern remains the offensive and defensive rebounding. Pearson had guys rebounding over his back! Morrison is improving mightily, but he is no wide body. I am still surprised J. Williams doesn't get more PT cause he fits that description and from the few minutes he's played I really like his game.

I hope to see at least one blowout from these next few games at home. We are starting to look good and I love it!

2:47 PM  

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