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Long scores career-high 27 on way to 90-72 win over Hofstra

George Mason Basketball: Long scores career-high 27 on way to 90-72 win over Hofstra

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long scores career-high 27 on way to 90-72 win over Hofstra

The Patriots currently sit a lone in 1st place in the CAA standings after a convincing 90-72 rout of the Hofstra Pride Tuesday night. The shooting display the Patriots showcased was nothing shot of spectacular as everything seemed to fall early on. From three-point range they seemed relentless and finished the 1st half 60% from there, a higher percentage then they were from the free-throw line. Cam Long, who netted a new career-high 27 points, is finally starting to look like the All-CAA player we had all hoped to be seeing this year. His efforts along with Andre Cornelius and regular scorer Ryan Pearson showed just how dangerous the Patriots can be offensively we they play well as a team. Previously to the last two games we have seen some great individual efforts from Long, Cornelius, and Pearson but now we starting to see the full potential of these guys working together. If that group continues to have nights like this, I can see this team going through the rest of the CAA schedule without much turbulence.

Aside from the shooting display last night, the Patriots played with a killer instinct and would not let the Pride get back into any kind of rhythm. If they made a big shot, the Patriots would answer right back with a slash to the basket or a pull up jumper. On defense they were aggressive but also played the zone very well giving Hofstra problems all night. Hofstra didn't necessarily have a bad shooting night, it was just that the Patriots had a much better one, especially early on. Charles Jenkins and Chaz Williams put on a good scoring display for the Pride but defensively that squad has some work to do.

-If your interested in a collection of whiny rants from a Hofstra fan, look no further

-Tom Pecora has some interesting comments during the post game:
"George Mason got to that 90 point threshold in part by Ryan Pearson nailing a three-pointer with 38 seconds left and the game already in hand that gave the Patriots an 87-68 lead. When asked in the post game press conference of George Mason taking a three-pointer that late in a game holding a 16 point lead Pecora said, “That’s Mason. Their reputation perceives them. I’m a big boy, I know how to take a beating and I know how to give one and it’s a round world.”
So basically Pearson should have just stood there and let the shot clock run out, because they were up by so many?

-Newsday: Pecora rips Hofstra players after rout by George Mason



Blogger C Hirsch said...

Pecora sounds like Keith Brooking, stop whining!

7-1 in confernce, I am starting to get hyped. Man the next two years could be incredible.

11:41 AM  
Blogger mooky_l3d said...

I only caught the second half. I was trying to keep updated during a class just checking the score. I will say anytime you take 8 points to the locker room at an opposing teams gym that is a good thing. Not only did we have the lead we sustained it once again throughout the rest of the game. These kats are ballin'. The offense really does exist and it is really nice to see. Nobody seems like they are trying to do to much, just what they are capable of doing.

I don't know what Coach L said or threatened to do, but it worked. These past two road wins have been impressive. It is really nice to see basketball being played. I don't know what you call Radford and Northeastern. But these past two games are basketball. GO MASON GO!!!!!!!!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Brent said...

Just looking over schedules... we have BY FAR the easiest schedule of the top teams. If we handle our business at home ODU away is really the only tough road game.

I could actually see us winning the CAA regular season title. Let's hope these guys keep it up!

9:54 PM  
Blogger Trent said...

I loved the fact that Pearson's family and friends were the loudest contingent in the arena. There must have been some salty Islanders...

11:45 PM  
Blogger variaban said...

I tried making a post on the hofstra website but the fellow hasn't approved my comment, go figure.
The guy talks a lot of trash though, his last three blogs are devoted to bad mouthing GMU.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Funny thing is..if he were to accept your comment you would be the only one who has ever commented on his blog...dude spends all day on it and nobody ever reads it because all he does is whine! At least this blog is all about the content and great insight and even though were all huge fans of Mason this blog isn't biased to the max like his.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

It's not always easy being unbiased by I try my best.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Robert W said...

Good call Brent, I made a similar observation the other day. We face a top 5 opponent only 4 times in our final 10 games (and 3 are at home). ODU faces a top 5 opponent in 6 of their final 10 games (3 of which are on the road). True, our schedule tightens up towards the end but these guys seem to be building a lot of confidence which is a great sign.

2:28 PM  
Blogger variaban said...

Matt, you are right. I mean, I am GMU all they way but I think I would get a little tired of this site if everything was written like the other one.
This one is run pretty good and like you said, not biased to the max. Accountability is good.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Yeah it is hard to take a blog seriously when all it does is bash other teams when they themselves are towards the bottom of the conference standings.

7:11 PM  

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