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Possible Mason NIT opponent, Georgetown?

George Mason Basketball: Possible Mason NIT opponent, Georgetown?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Possible Mason NIT opponent, Georgetown?

Coming up on about 24 hours til Selection Sunday and unless something crazy happens in that meeting room it looks like Mason is preparing for a NIT invite. Mason's ticket office has already emailed fans about plans for purchasing either home or away seats for March 17 or 18 (TBD). But who could the Patriots end up playing? Before yesterday I was hoping Maryland would stumble against Wake Forest so that I could still dream of booing Gary Williams at the Patriot Center. The Terps are most likely going to the big dance after yesterday's win but another local BCS school isn't: Georgetown. The same Hoyas squad that was at one time ranked as high as #7 in the nation imploded down the stretch and was never really even a bubble team towards the end of the season. So sunk so far off the radar some analysts are thinking even an NIT bid isn't a lock for the Hoyas. One website has them as a 5 seed in the NIT (Mason also a 5), which I can definitely agree with. Washington Times writer Patrick Stevens drew up a mock NIT bracket and he has the Patriots as a 4 seed playing Georgetown in the first round. Also there's a chat from the WaPo where this topic gets a little discussion. Could you imagine Georgetown vs Mason at the Patriot Center in March? A team that refuses to play any local mid-major teams being forced to travel to Fairfax, would head coach John Thompson III refuse to play in the NIT, you have to wonder? If I was in the NIT selection committee you can't tell me this match-up wouldn't be enticing, a local rivalry that could never happen anywhere else but in a tournament. We already saw Georgetown vs Maryland thanks to the Old Spice Classic earlier this season, imagine what another one of these local battles would do for the future of DC area college basketball. Also, a rematch of last year's NCAA tournament first round game against Notre Dame is not out of the question either, oh the possibilities. The NIT pairings are announced Sunday night at 9pm on ESPNU after the NCAA tournament selection show.



Anonymous JD said...

I agree completely, that would make my day. And would undoubtedly be one of the biggest games EVER at the Patriot Center.

I was watching some of the tournaments this weekend and noticed this commercial. Watch closely, I couldn't help but smile. Maybe an alum did the editing.

10:12 PM  

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