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George Mason Basketball: Bracketbusted

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mason failed to upset Creighton late last night in Omaha to add their first double digit loss and another road stumble to their record. Mason's formula of poor free-throw shooting and turnovers let to another demise, although at certain points they looked as if they were capable of stealing the game. Make no mistake though, the Bluejays were pretty hot last night and Booker Woodfox made John Vaughan look like a high school freshman. Some of Woodfox's shots were contested and he still drained them but he was also given way too much space for a guy who leads the nation in long range shooting. Speaking of long range shooting, Dre Smith had another horrid night shooting the ball and would have been scoreless without one garbage time basket late. It's getting real tiring to watch Dre Smith launch up these miss fires and it's almost getting to the point where you have to question the amount of minutes he is still getting. Yesterday the Washington Post pointed out that before the game Dre was currently on an 0-for-23 streak from three-point land. Say what you want to about his defensive prescence the guy is still just not getting it done out there. Cam Long, who started off the night fairly hot, cooled off to start the second half and then started to get with it when it was too late. At this point you would think Long was stop being so unselfish and take the ball to the hole more. The offense again was looking to get Darryl Monroe going early and he had some mild success in the first half but was better in this one setting up his teammates as he finished with 6 assists. The freshmen had trouble with fouls early in front of a crowd of over 17,000 and Ryan Pearson again failed to reach double figures. The front court was not a factor in this one and they let Blue Jay center Kenny Lawson Jr. get way too many uncontested baskets. Overall the depth of Creighton drained Mason in the 2nd half while they were attempting a late comeback.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just like last year - Dre ice cold down the stretch.

11:23 AM  
Blogger CYork987 said...

Say what you want, this game doesn't change anything for us, we still need to win the CAA championship to get to the tourney. Creighton had a lot more to play for they are still in line for an at-large bid. Although, if Mason would have been playing the whole season for an at-large bid, maybe it would be different.

It's too bad, the CAA was 3-1 before this game, it would have been a good boost for the conference.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dre is a gutsy guy and plays hard all of the time. He has been pretty cold all season. Hoping he will warm up during the tournament.

12:37 PM  
Blogger MCS said...

Dre just needs to stop shooting threes and drive to the hoop. Cam, JV, and Cornelius can all shoot so we have enough options.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tough game. I think we were just over matched the whole game. Monroe looked like a jv player who was just too slow when getting the ball in the paint. Our lack of 3 point shooting this year is starting to show. Dre needs to graduate and all those freshman need to spend the offseason shooting foul shots in their spare time! I hope this recruit "Whack" can light it up next year, cause we need him now. Cam Long was the lone bright spot last night. He really should be attempting at least 5 three pointers a game. Cornelius doesn't impress me at all, but he's still got time to learn.

I am usually optimistic, but the really of where this team is at this year has hit me. They do have a shot at the NCAA's this year, but they have so many needs to make any noise and do much else. They are 5-8 on the road this year!


2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the criticism of JV's defense on Woodfox was a bit harsh. I suspect there's a nice list of defenders who we'd say had no answer for his game. I know I was taking notes ... for a possible Creighton tourney run ala Davidson last year.
As for Dre, it's sad but I think if you look at his stats before his record-setting 3 point performance (10 for 10) last year and after, that's the exact point when he started tanking. If ever there were a case for the "mental game" and a justification for using a team psychologist, Dre is it.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we even bother going to the line to shoot free throws anymore? :) I agree about Dre Smith, it's amazing how he has been able to make a career off one game at JMU. Announcers and other teams still worry about his outside shooting, if I was the other team I'd let him shoot from behind the arch all night long.

Creighton was just the better team, and Woodfox was pretty much unstoppable.

Let's just take care of business in the Tourney and get some more experience for our young players.

9:54 AM  

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