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W&M post game media

George Mason Basketball: W&M post game media

Thursday, January 15, 2009

W&M post game media

pictures from Daily Press


From Washington Post:

Coach L: "The Tribe really move without the ball so well,". They read the defender. I know there were times our guys thought they had them covered and, boom, they got a layup."

Cam Long: "That's one team that uses the shot clock completely. As soon as you rest, that's the time they're going to get the ball to that person and he's going to score."

From Daily Press:

Coach L: In Tuesday's practice, Larranaga had his scout team, the Green squad, simulate the Tribe's offense, a blend of motion and backdoor cuts that drains time from the shot clock and requires disciplined help defense.

"They did such a good job that they actually won the game. I think that made our Gold team, the starters, realize, 'Man, this is a tough offense to defend. We better be ready.' "

Dre Smith: "To start off 6-0 in the CAA is a big accomplishment, because every night you've got to bring it. All the teams are good."



Blogger C Hirsch said...

Wow, W & M got a great bump from their run to the CAA Final last year, that place looks packed!!!!!!


2:36 PM  
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