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Patriots keep on rolling

George Mason Basketball: Patriots keep on rolling

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patriots keep on rolling

The Patriots keep their winning streak alive in the CAA last night with a close win at Kaplan Arena. They matched the team's best start in school history that dates back to 1983, but it didn't come easy. W&M's complex offense and zone defense gave Mason problems all night, especially the front court. Ryan Pearson (playing ill) and Louis Birdsong struggled to contribute much on the offensive end. Darryl Monroe missed another double-double by one rebound but still managed 12 points despite many double teams. The first couple of minutes of play was some ugly basketball but the Patriots eventually snapped out of it in the second half. The Tribe out rebounded the Patriots and were able to force a lot of turnovers, something many other opponents haven't had success with. Another well balanced attack from Mason helped them get through this one, with Dre Smith leading the way connecting on four three-pointers. Dre has seemed a lot less erratic lately and has started to make big shots when the team is down. John Vaughan continued to be solid from the outside and made some key free-throws at the games end to seal the victory. Cam Long is leading the offense better with each game so far this year. It is rare that you see him have a miscue or an ill-advised pass anymore.

The view from the top of the CAA sure looks good. Can the Patriots keep this up and will we see two 7-0 teams heading into next Wednesday's game at Boston?



Blogger C Hirsch said...

Stupid Comcast SportsNet nearly gave me a heart attack last night. For about half an hour they were posting the score as W & M 67, GMU 61 and I was pissed.

Glad they got the win, never would have believed they'd be 13-3.

10:31 AM  
Blogger mooky_l3d said...

I have to disagree with you about J.V. and his play. While sitting in the arena and watching the game I wanted to tell him to get his head out of his ass. It was quiet enough for him to hear me too. During the first half he had a stretch of three plays in a row that were mind boogling. He took a quick three when the low post was wide open, then proceeded to miss the shot, foul the W&M player on the other end that set them up for a three point play. Then he was not paying attention on the offense after the foul shots and almost gave the ball away again. From a freshman I would expect this not a senior.

Other than that it was pretty much a group effort to give W&M the game. With a 12 point lead and control of the game, Mason hurried shots and commited forced turnovers. Ones that they forced to pass that was not there. Luckly W&M took a stupid three point shot at the end that saved the game for Mason.

This should have been a 20 point win. And with the zone, Mason better get used to it because that is what a lot of teams are doing against them.

1:13 PM  
Blogger jliddle said...

Believe, believe, we are Kryptonite

1:14 PM  
Blogger Vallance said...

I agree when jv misses a shot he gets angry and fouls and the whole team is let down. all he wants to do is shoot the ball. he doesn't even look for any one in the low post. i never see him looking in the low post. man i wish laranaga would replace him with andre cornelius or something. He doesn't even play defense. Every time the opposing team has a big game from a player guess who is guarding him....John Vaughn.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game as well. It could have been a jv high school game if you counted the heads in that place. Other than a few runs by W&M the few Mason fans were louder!

We should have blown them out by 20. That was one of the sloppiest games I've seen us play in a long time. Dre Smith has definitely gotten in a good rhythm and had a key bucket to stop a W&M run. My biggest frustration with the team is why they don't go down low more. Monroe OWNED them in the first half, and he barely got the ball in the second. Even Birdsong could have had his way with them.

Finally, W&M's 7 footer #15 was the worst college player I've ever seen! I can honestly say he hurts them when he plays even though he's so tall!!

9:05 PM  
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