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Judgement Day

George Mason Basketball: Judgement Day

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Judgement Day

The day has finally arrived, a battle of two CAA powers on a national stage. One team trying to further distance themselves from the pack and the other just trying to stay in the race to be in the top of the standings. As usual, the Patriots have questions to be answered. Which Folarin Campbell will show up tonight? Is Jordan Carter going to play? Will Mason be able to get Will Thomas going on early? The Washington Post today points out that Dre Smith has gone 2 for 13 from behind the arch since his record breaking night against JMU. Tonight would really be an awesome time for him to bounce back, maybe the ESPN cameras could help out there. Both teams have experience playing in important televised games with Mason having a little bit of an edge in this. A loss for the Patriots could potentially knock them out of the running for the #1 seed in the CAA tournament. But with the way the conference play has been going, that might not really matter much in March. The Patriots are lucky only to have to face the Rams at home this year and they must take advantage of that.


Blogger Christopher said...

If we lose this game the best we are going to finish is second. No way we make up 4 games on VCU.

As you said, not that it matters, VCU is the home team every CAA tournament, freaking BS.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Matt Scanlon said...

Made VCU our prison bitch.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

That was beautiful. Awesome. Poetic. And you know what...we're good enough to do it AGAIN. They had no answers for Thomas. Our guards made Maynor look like a JV high school kid.

Yep - CAA tourney is an annual joke, since VCU gets to play at home. But, if we want to be the best, we need to win everywhere.

As for making up games...there's still 6 more CAA games to go. Let's not give up hope yet, and the key is finishing top 4 anyway (preferrably 1 or 2).


11:11 PM  
Blogger Farmdog said...

recipe for success - getting Thomas involved early and often. Hard to believe that he has shot the ball more then 10 times in a game only a couple of times - but he makes the most of his chances - bring on the Dukes!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Bobnoxious said...

Dominance! What a great game to be showcased on ESPN. The crowd was great, mentioned the sellout more than once. Showed highlights of the miracle run to the Final Four and then we took the game over from the 11:00 min mark in the second half. Maynor looked confused and dejected throughout the second half as our guards locked down on D. Dre started to look a bit like Tony Skinn last night, quick and confident. Thomas was a beast, several rebounds had the announcers reaching for adjectives...awesome! This is the kind of game which can inspire and create a roll for the remainder of the season. G-M-U!

9:21 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Very nice win, even better considering Dre Smith shot horribly for most of the night and John Vaughan struggled early.

Thomas and Campbell came up huge and showed their senior leadership.

Great showcase game on national TV for us, any potential recruits saw that atmosphere will definitely give GMU a second look.

Our fans rushing the court was a bit ridiculous but we don't have many chances to rush the floor so it is fine, time to crush the Dukes on Saturday and run the table up until the conference tournament.

10:01 AM  

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