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And it begins

George Mason Basketball: And it begins

Saturday, October 13, 2007

And it begins

It wasn't quite midnight and there wasn't much madness, but last night the Patriot Center was alive and well for the first basketball crowd of the season. Sure it may not have been on ESPNU this year but at least you got to see Gunston dance to "Bye Bye Bye". Here's some other things I took away from last night:
  • Darryl Monroe was in crutches, but don't worry it's only his toe, you can read more about his injury here
  • The spotlight dance show from Gunston did not win me over, I still hate him
  • Louis Birdsong jumping off the platform during introductions gave me a scare, has there ever been an injury report necessary after midnight madness?
  • Coach L came out but didn't have any new material, still sticking to the CAA/Mason related factoids to win the crowd over
  • Next year I would enjoy NOT seeing the wrestling team dress up in drag and sing "Grease Lightning"
  • Doc Nix was sporting the bald look and is it just me or did his cane get longer?
  • Jordan Carter still has the best dance moves on the team
  • Isaiah Tate has got some serious ups and seems to already be a fan favorite, helping the freshmen win the dunk contests
  • I can't wait to watch Dre Smith again this season, the best is yet to come


Blogger Trent said...

What was the turn-out...respectable, pathetic, close to last year?? (Would'a loved to be there, but that's where kids come into the picture...)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

definitely smaller crowd than last year but still a great turn out

5:40 PM  

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