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Corey Edwards and Bryon Allen sharing the court could work

George Mason Basketball: Corey Edwards and Bryon Allen sharing the court could work

Monday, January 07, 2013

Corey Edwards and Bryon Allen sharing the court could work

The Patriots rotation has not been balanced all season. There have been 12 players this season that have played and all at least had two games with double digit minutes at one point or another. Paul Hewitt's latest tweak to the lineup is playing both Corey Edwards and Bryon Allen on the court at the same time. We witnessed it for the first time on Saturday. Together the duo had nine assists to only one turnover against William & Mary.

The offense needs some fluidity and I think this latest move can help that. Bryon Allen looked great driving to the basket against Northeastern. It's something that has always been his best offensive move but has been hampering due to him having to handle the point guard duties full time. Now Edwards is doing that and it opens up Allen to put his best talents to good use. They already have Sherrod Wright cutting to the basket and scoring at will at certain times. Imagine both he and Allen doing that? Could be a lethal combination going forward.

Mason hasn't been a great outside shooting team and the post scoring has been almost non-existent. Perhaps after these last two games they will begin to find their identity on offense. On Saturday they got to the line, a big part because of Wright, and Allen can add to that. A three-guard lineup makes more sense for this team going forward anyway and to be honest they looked better with Anali Okoloji only playing eight minutes against William & Mary. They have some of the more athletic players in the conference and we finally saw them take advantage of that.

We'd all like to think the Patriots can cause mismatches with Marko and Anali but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Based on what we've seen lately I think the best starting lineup combination would be Edwards, Allen, Wright, Arledge, and Copes. Some might disagree with that but I think Johnny Williams struggles are killing this team in the first halves of games. It remains to be seen whether Hewitt will change the starting five but I think it could help them form an identity on offense, which they desperately need.

Sidenote: Sherrod Wright has been on a tear lately. His numbers over the last five games are 22.2 PPG (55.6 FG%), 9-18 on 3pters, 5.0 RPG, and 2.4 SPG. He's making a strong case for CAA Player of the Year.


Anonymous ptrzem said...

I'm a fan of this move as far as on-court dynamics go, but I feel like it may make us too thin at point guard and too crowded at SG/SF. Who would take over at the point when Edwards has to come out, assuming Allen can't for long because we are trying to keep him in at the same time as Edwards? Definitely worth trying more though.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Rick Jank said...

I think you could stagger their bench time and still have the 2 pg lineup for 15-20 minutes a game if need be. Certainly no harm in bringing in Holloway and VV (who's been improved lately) to see what they can do during those spells. As for the rest of the lineup, I'm down on Arledge the way Ryan is down on J2. I'm not sure who is ready to take the 4. Still very much up for grabs IMO. One thing is to keep Marko involved under the theory that he will adjust and settle in and maybe be a factor come tourney time.

5:14 PM  

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