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Paul Hewitt's legacy at Georgia Tech gets further tarnished

George Mason Basketball: Paul Hewitt's legacy at Georgia Tech gets further tarnished

Friday, July 15, 2011

Paul Hewitt's legacy at Georgia Tech gets further tarnished

The NCAA investigation of Georgia Tech that somehow spanned from 2009-2011 without anyone knowing is mostly about the school's football program. However there were some infractions to the basketball team during the time Paul Hewitt was running things. The violations were due to a graduate assistant and an academic advisor being present at an AAU event run by the Atlanta Celtics program that was held on Georgia Tech's campus. Hewitt says he is "disappointed by the NCAA's decision" and says the assistants were there to help make sure things run smoothly because of instances that have occurred during the event over the last couple of years. The NCAA says this gave Hewitt and his staff a recruiting advantage, despite them not landing a single player who played in the event.

Georgia Tech basketball does not lose any scholarships from these violations, so according to Hewitt's contract the buyout money is probably still going to be owed to him. Not that all this really has much to do with George Mason basketball moving forward, except for the the fact that our head coach is still going to be paid about $130,000 a month from the Yellow Jackets over the next five years. If you want to call Hewitt a shady recruiter because of this news that's your business but I still feel like he was just a very unlucky guy during his final years at Georgia Tech.



Anonymous Kdenton1 said...

We are sheltered from some of these things being a mid-major and not always recruiting in our own back yard.  This sounds like a very minor infraction.  I am from TN where all the big name football players and basketballers get held back in 8th grade so they are one year older, bigger, stronger and they drive new SUVs on the first day of school in Knoxville.  Their highschool coaches get a check from UT via boosters, etc.  At Mason I had many classes with Butler, Jesus, Hernandez, etc.  They were all legit students.  I know they had tutors and all but they we always in class, handed in all their work, and made good grades.  Coach L., the president, and the GMU culture is far different than GT when it comes to sports.  GT is an awesome school but the athletes are not held to the same standards as the average student.  The ACC is a dog eat dog world the CAA, not as much.  Duke and UNC are the only ACC teams that don't have to be shady.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

UNC isn't shady.  Duke?  Hmmm....

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

So it seems from the ESPN article that since the tournament was held at GT then staff couldn't/shouldn't attend but if it was at a local HS near GT or say at Ga. St. then they would have been ok to be there?  If that is the case can anyone speak to the level of awareness Hewitt/GT should have had about not being present.  Seems to me kind of a dumb mistake to make and fairly simple to avoid?  If they didn't land recruits but still tried to work an advantage then it's an infraction.  Pearl has a BBQ at his house, does or doesn't land recruits doesn't matter he still crossed an established barrier.  Some of these rules are kind of dumb.  How much do people care about this one?  I'm curious to see what people think. Kdenton thanks for your post.  And Duke and UNC have less need to be shady because kids want to play there before most other schools-ACC or otherwise (doesn't mean they're not shady but Kdenton has a valid point)!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Offutt said...

Paul Hewitt is a classy guy and this lame charge has nothing to do with anything he did wrong.

10:02 PM  

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