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Northeastern's Allen uses charity to lift Huskies over Mason

George Mason Basketball: Northeastern's Allen uses charity to lift Huskies over Mason

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Northeastern's Allen uses charity to lift Huskies over Mason

Don't really think I am talking like a blind homer when I say that Northeastern cashed in on some charity in order to avoid overtime and get the 50-48 win over George Mason yesterday. I was sitting right behind the Northeastern radio team on press row and they also did not believe it was a foul on Chaisson Allen in those final seconds. It happened right in front us, maybe a mere 20 feet away or so. Right before that, as you can see in the video, Mike Morrison was looked to be clearly fouled on his put back dunk that would have given Mason the lead. The inconsistent officiating was very questionable and played too a big a part in this one. However, we also witnessed right in front us Matt Janning hitting a dagger three-pointer that was well beyond the NBA three-point line. I don't like to blame referees for a team's loss and I am not, it's just an unfortunate turn of events for the game to end. Also, as a Mason fan you have to be a little discouraged that we are now on a three-game home losing streak for only the second time in Coach L's tenure, of which the last two games were arguably decided by the referees. The game should have went into overtime and everyone knew that.

Aside from what happened late in this game, the Patriots had their chances to win this one. Like for one, why did Luke Hancock handle that last possession? Whether Cam Long or Andre Cornelius are having an off day or not I want the ball in their hands or even Ryan Pearson for that matter. The first half was riddled with turnovers that prevented them from adding to their lead and getting any separation from the Huskies. Northeastern's defense was suffocating at times and guards Andre Cornelius and Cam Long ever got into a rhythm. Both finished with a combined 8 points, while Northeastern's Matt Janning finished with 18, most of which in the 2nd half. Northeastern was keying in on Ryan Pearson and Mike Morrison early, clogging up the paint and forcing the Patriots to beat them with outside shots, which they couldn't.

Notice how Mason had the advantage in four factors of winning but let the turnover margin and other intangibles ruin them.

Sherrod Wright looked unstoppable for a stretch in the 1st half, handing down two back to back posterizing dunks on the Huskies' front court, both resulting in 'and one' situations. He helped the Patriots shoot 50% from the field in the second half but I didn't really see the team running screens for him and that's head scratching. Wright probably has the most raw talent at the guard spot for Mason and you have to wonder if Larranaga took enough of an advantage of it this season.

Now Mason finds itself a #4 seed in the CAA tournament next week and after the 1st round bye will play the winner of VCU-Delaware Saturday at 2:30 pm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, we get to play the home team most likely in the first round. Well, hopefully Morrison gets pumped up again and gets the better of Sanders. Always fun watching those two go at it!

11:47 AM  
Blogger What Not said...

Thanks for posting that. I didn't think he fouled when I saw it live and I still don't. That wasn't his call to make from the baseline.
That said its another fundamental mistake. Ryan should not have been chasing him and should have gone up with his right hand, away from the player's arm but he's left handed so....

Morrison played Sanders tough last time.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Brent said...

The officiating couldn't have been more monumental in the game. That ref was right under the basket, how do you miss the foul on Morrison?

Pearson continues to impress me the least. He works hard and rebounds, but he is like a black hole. The ball goes in and never comes out. How many dumb plays and games has he cost us? Let's see.. the last two for sure! I have more hope for Cornelius who will most likely be a top 5 3 point shooter in the CAA for the next two years.

The most disappointing thing about this loss is that we will have ZERO post season. No NIT, no nothing. That would have been great experience for our guys. If we could have beat Northeastern and won two games in the tourney, at 20-13 we would have certainly gone to the NIT. No longer...

I agree with everyone, the promise of our freshman is much greater than our sophmores!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I can't believe we end up very likely now playing VCU in the tournament. I'd almost rather play any other team.

Think our only hope now is that this loss has really pissed off the team and they want to prove something in the tournament. But that might not be enough.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

I think we also need to point out that the point spread was 2.5...

4:25 PM  
Blogger's good for you. said...

See the smirk on Coen's face? I want to smack the bastard.

Yes, Ryan...I agree. Let's hope our guys come out pissed off with something to prove. It could happen. Right now, though, I don't have a ton of hope.

We were screwed by the refs on Sat. I really wanted to throw something at them as they were running out, since I was seated right above their exit...

8:46 PM  
Blogger greenandgold said...

ooh thanks for the replay. Terrible call. A ref should never decide the outcome during a desperation attempt not unless the foul is so blatant (i.e. Morrison's put back). I don't know how this guy can sleep at night. Nonetheless, how many games has Mason won when they score less than 50?

10:49 PM  
Blogger Reston Irregular said...

Task List for the Off-season:
(beyond the usual)
Morrison and Pearson - simple, quick effective moves around the basket
Wright and Hancock - jump shots
Vaughans - quicker decision making, dribbling

11:17 AM  
Blogger Trent said...

VCU, ODU, NE/W&M is the path to a tourney birth...doesn't seem very likely. The NIT for that matter either. And I'm usually a pretty positive guy when it comes to this team. But how many ways can you figure out to lose a ball game?

10:19 PM  

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