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Previewing Drexel...

George Mason Basketball: Previewing Drexel...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Previewing Drexel...

The Patriots hit the road for their first CAA game this weekend at Drexel. The Dragon's are coming off a dreadful CAA campaign last season and return only two starters this season. It's difficult to assess them so far this year because they have only played three games, with their one loss being an 83-51 drubbing from Georgetown. With Tramayne Hawthorne returning, the team looks to be more of a perimeter shooting squad, but through the first three games Hawthorne is only 6 for 29 from the three-point line. Their shooting from the field has not been much better (.305) and they been averaging under 60 points a contest thus far. They start two guards who are under 6-feet tall, could that be an advantage for the Patriots or a window for them to launch up more bricks early in the game? While the Dragon's front court presence basically disappeared with the graduation of Frank Elegar, they still have a size advantage there and have been rebounding well. With that in mind, Monroe and Birdsong have been the most consistent Patriots to date and Ryan Pearson seems to be coming into his own. Those three could very well be the difference in this game as John Vaughan and Dre Smith continue to struggle on the road. Drexel doesn't have any Seth Currys in their lineup but they are well coached and Mason will have to limit the turnovers. Giving the ball up like we saw at Liberty is basically the only way Mason could let this game slip away. An up-tempo game could favor the Patriots as they have much more scoring power then the Dragons.



Blogger mooky_l3d said...

Your comment about an uptempo game. That got me thinking about why Coach L doesn't take the reins off and let the boys run. This is the perfect team to do so, with no real inside presence(Monroe is big but not the type to sit in the post and fight for position). In the past I assumed it was always because of guys like Lewis, Thomas, Evans had a real post attack. This team doesn't seem to have that. So with that being said why not press and run with the best of them. There are pleanty of subs to do that, I don't know just a thought.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Will Rinck said...

Just found this blog again. I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Mason get beat by a horrible Hampton team. I sat right behind the team and could not believe how unrehearsed the team was playing. Maybe the small stadium threw them? Plus Tate was completely disrespectful to Coach L. I was shocked to see him get any time with that attitude and his shotting performance. Dre was the only one who looked strong in that game. I expect him to rebound with a good season. Agree with some of the other comments, need to see a more disciplined team with less 3 point attempts in the first five minutes.

6:20 PM  

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