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Another local stand out commits to Mason

George Mason Basketball: Another local stand out commits to Mason

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another local stand out commits to Mason

Coach L's recruiting class of 2007 rounds out with another local product in Vlad Moldoveanu. Moldoveanu is a 6-foot-11 native of Romania playing for St. John's high school in DC, where he has made a name for himself with his outside shooting touch and rebounding. Vlad also had offers from West Virginia and Kentucky, which shows that you should not mess with Coach L when he is trying to recruit in his own backyard. West Virginia has often recruited big men who can shoot from long range, remember Kevin Pittsnogle last season? He was a 6-foot-10, 255 pound center who shot better than 40% from three point land. Thats better than most shooting guards. Vlad will most likely play small forward and create mismatche problems for the rest of the CAA; and will hopefully have better tatoos than Pittsnogle. Vlad "The Impaler" Moldoveanu (yes, I am already giving him a nickname, big whoop wanna fight about it?) has international tournament experience, gaining MVP honors in the 18-Under European Championship this past summer and currently is ranked as the best player in Europe in his age group . International play in Europe is nothing to overlook when you can see how the game overseas is improving and also why Team USA can't seem to get better than a bronze in any international tournament. The NBA says you gotta be 19 years old now to play with their boys so we can hopefully expect even more international recruits to join Coach L and our diverse campus. And people thought that #1 ranking in campus diversity at GMU was nothing to brag about.


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What's the deal with Mason's uniforms this year!?! They are brutal!!!

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