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George Mason dismantles Georgia State in 2nd half to advance to CAA semifinals

George Mason Basketball: George Mason dismantles Georgia State in 2nd half to advance to CAA semifinals

Saturday, March 05, 2011

George Mason dismantles Georgia State in 2nd half to advance to CAA semifinals

The George Mason basketball team is starting to become a broken record, and one that fans are certainly not getting tired of. The nation's longest winning streak is now at 16 and the Patriots have advanced to the CAA semifinals. Once again we saw an opposing team start off strong and the Patriots look a little sloppy.  At half time Mason was up 3 after being down by as many as 11.  And yes once again the Patriots went on a huge run to break the spirits of the team they were facing. The team's overall balance was too much for GSU to overcome. 

After Mason was down 11 in the 1st half they exploded for a 42-9 run that eventually led to a 68-45 victory. The run included Ryan Pearson getting to the line, Vertrail Vaughns hitting shots, and Isaiah Tate throwing behind the back passes. The Panthers just could not keep up with the Patriots for 40 minutes as they didn't have nearly as much firepower on offense.  Mason just had too many scorers, Ryan Pearson had a relatively tame game and they didn't miss a beat.  And after allowing GSU to shoot 60% in the 1st half the Patriots locked down on defense and held them to just 21% in the 2nd. Mason had 27 points off the Panthers' 21 turnovers and 12 fast break points to pull away in the 2nd half.  

George Mason will face VCU tomorrow at noon.

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Anonymous gmuhoopsreader said...

Great game, Mason! That was a fun game to watch! I love the way we close out games- with emphatic authority!

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Mooky_l3d said...

This game was not what I was expecting. I don't think the slow start will work for them tomorrow. The Rams started their game with a swarming, trapping defense. My guess would be they start the same way. I just hope we don't start the same way. Nice game showing lots of heart once again. I was not impressed with the mouth of Morrison. His mouth and over aggression could have led to a tech which would not have helped. Anyway tomorrow should be another classic. Hoping of course in our favor. GO MASON!!!!!!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Brentrg said...

What a fun game to watch. I am really just taking it all in this year! Yes, a slow start as usual, but man did they put on a show in the second half. Cornelius and Tate really sparked this team today. When they play as a team, and get on a fast break, it is a thing of beauty. I watched the game on ESPN 3 and there were some hilarious/pathetic moments. The announcers as usual seemed to know little about the two teams. At one point an announcer says, "yea, earlier in the year they played Villanova really tough and almost won!" Uuh, that was like LAST YEAR MAN!!! haha Idiots....

Anways, I couldn't be happier to play VCU. I can't wait to shut that crowd up and send them to their cars with their heads down low. They have finished our run in the tourney too many times, it's time for payback baby!

9:42 PM  
Anonymous overrated14 said...

Nice Win Mason! Funny not once has anyone mentioned Cam-13 points in the second half. I cannot say it was one particular player that was the spark. I can say however, Cam did what he does so well, he ignited the flame in the second half. Nice win fellas. Now it's on to the next one

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Kdenton1 said...

Awesome game Mason. VCU at Richmond is never easy so I am excited about tomorrow's game and hope we come out on top with win #17. Go Mason!!!

Monday will be interesting because many top 25s have fallen since the polls were updated on last Monday.

2:57 AM  
Anonymous Carl said...

Any update on the TV situation? I watched the second half on (more like listened to rather than watched, since the video kept hanging up) yesterday, and I sure would prefer watching on my actual television.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

TV info today against VCU

11:29 AM  

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